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Home Sleep Study

An at-home sleep study is a convenient way to collect information about your sleep in the comfort of your own home. The sleep study is a process used to help determine the best therapy options available to minimize sleep disturbances under consultation with your physician.

A sleep screening worksheet can be downloaded below to evaluate if you are eligible for an at home sleep study.

In Office Allergy Testing

We offer skin allergy testing that can be performed easily in our office. We use allergy scratch test to determine if you have environmental allergies.

The placement takes about 10 minutes and then you wait about 15 minutes to see how your skin reacts. Based on your local skin reaction, we can determine the severity of your allergies

Our allergy lab is equipped to test for 72 different allergies

The following medications need to be avoided at least 2 days prior to testing:

- All antihistamines (Benadryl, Claritin, Zyrtec, Allegra)

- Cough medicine

- Pepcid/Zantac

- Prednisone/Medrol

- Astelin nasal spray

- Sleeping medication

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